Release Candidate of Comodo ONE - IT Operating Platform August Release (08/12/2017)

Hi everyone,

We deployed the major components of August release candidate to demo environment. You can start testing the new features on there.

There will be daily updates on the environment. So, please expect some minor changes and connection issues during the week.

Here are the targeted release notes:

IT and Security Manager
New Features

  • Linux endpoints are supported on ITSM! Now you can enroll Linux OS (Ubuntu 16.04.2, Debian 8.8, Red Hat Enterprise 7 and higher versions) devices into ITSM. For now, you can see the device inventory details and online status; Security Client, patch management, procedures etc. will be all supported on future release!
  • Comodo Remote Control now supports special key combinations like CTRL+ALT+DEL, ALT+F4, CTRL+C. You can smoothly use CRC on all your endpoints.
  • Containment section on the ITSM Portal->Security Sub-System is renewed with new columns, buttons and filters. Now you can see and interact with records on the same screen to
    • check the file details from Valkyrie and understand the verdict process
    • get Valkyrie File report to show it to others
    • change the rating of a contained file without need to navigate to Application Control section.
    • See the reason / trigger for containment to be able better understand and take measure if required
Bug Fixes:
  • Bulk installation packages for MacOS devices were not working in some cases, it is fixed.
Comodo ONE Portal New Features
  • Better sorting on applications menu to see more used applications on top.
  • Old Patch Management is disabled as default module and move to the Comodo ONE store in favor of ITSM Patch Management. It would be still available under store if someone wants to get it on top of ITSM Patch Management.
  • Remote Access Support feature is enabled for accounts to be able to get better and quicker support from Comodo when needed. When it is enabled, Comodo can help you set your accounts up or pinpoint an issue as one of your staff member. You have the control to enable or disable this anytime.
Service Desk New Features
  • We improved user page view for you! Now you have “Last Ticket Update” column which shows last update time of the user's ticket. So, you can easily sort your tickets based on the update time. When you go to the User Directory list, you can see the users which have been already sorted according to the Last Ticket Update date by default.
  • We are continuing to improve our report pages from day to day! You will able to get report over any custom fields that you added to the system in order to see the additional data as output on reports. To
  • Performance improvement on session data.
Bug Fixes:
  • Custom pick list takes random four items problem has been fixed.
  • User ticket counter was not working properly inside ticket section, it is fixed.
  • Staff who belongs to the custom role, could not create ticket, it is fixed.
  • Service Desk Module freezing problem is fixed.
Valkyrie New Features
  • Valkyrie dashboard is completely changed with a new modern look with newly added features! New dashboard has a new navigation menu with three main categories:
    • Dashboard
      • Overview gives an overview about new detections and detailed information with Valkyrie widgets.
      • Recent Analysis Requests page is completely changed in a user friendly way.
        • A better file status representation bar is added.
        • Filtering options are enhanced with new date filter.
        • Available actions on each file is represented in a more clear way.
      • Unknown File Hunter Scans page is completely changed in a user friendly way.
        • Filtering options are enhanced with new date filter.
        • Available actions on scan is represented in a more clear way.
    • Statistics
      • My Analysis Statistics section is changed with a new pie chart and better new look&feel.
      • Unparalleled Protection Overview section is changed with a better date filter and new look&feel.
      • Unknown File Statistics section is changed with a new bar chart, better date filter and new look&feel.
    • Settings part is divided into two sub menu account and antivirus vendors
      • Account menu has a new look&feel.
      • Antivirus Vendors has a new look&feel
    • File Details
      • File Info screens are completely changed in a user friendly way.
        • All the available actions are listed on the actions bar.
        • All the tabs’ details are represented in a more clear way.
    • Login&Logout
      • Login and Logout screens are represented with a better and user friendly look&feel.
  • Valkyrie File Upload services are refactored and optimized. Users will have faster uploads so that their analysis results will be provided sooner.
Bug Fixes:
  • Download auto analysis report can be reached without logged in as designed..
Best regards, Ilker

Hi @Ilker info looks great, thanks for that.


  • Comodo Remote Control now supports special key combinations like CTRL+ALT+DEL, ALT+F4, CTRL+C. You can smoothly use CRC on all your endpoints
Does this mean that we can use CRC to control MacOS endpoints? Or is this still limited to Windows for the minute?


Hi, can we get rid of the “default Group” in RMM? or the ability to rename?

Hi @dittoit ,

We would like to clarify if that group that you want to remove is the default group from the device list in ITSM?

This “BETA” has been applied to our live system meaning we have lost over 10000 closed tickets and about 50 live tickets bringing our business to its knees again.
I thought the idea was to have the BETA so we can test, use and make sure all is good before rolling it to live???

Our company is once again a sitting duck that is blind due to bad planning and testing again; and not even before we have recovered from the last issue like this!
When are we going to learn, and actually work on some stability instead of rushing out new features that have not been tested fully?

Sorry for the rant, but if this continues we will have to start looking else where as the idea of our move was to integrate AV with helpdesk and monitoring etc; but currently not one side of the platform works including the AV meaning me and my customers are wasting money and time.

Hello @StrobeTech,

We know this is an urgent matter that needs to be addressed immediately. Our development team is thoroughly working on this matter and we have requested details and ETA for us to keep you updated on the associated ticket. Thank you

Possibly looks like all is back up but have not been told as much.
So what is the point of the BETA program if your still going to use the live platform as the BETA?

Hello @StrobeTech,

Please check the SD, we have a confirmation that the issue has been resolved. Thank you

Hi @StrobeTech

Actually the error message you saw on SD was misdirecting. There was an outage on SD an it is fixed now. We are now investigating to prevent repetition of the problem and prevent that kind of misdirecting error messages.

New features are not deployed to production environment; the deployment will be done on Saturday as planned. But you can try our new features on


Hi @Joners

Unfortunately mac endpoint support is not ready to deployment. Our team is working to release it within 2017Q4


@Ilker When is the next release going to be coming? I was under the impression it was a 4 week release schedule. If thats right then we should have seen the preview notes by now.

Hi @Joners,

Next scheduled release for September is on the 16th.
Kindly refer on the following post for the list of improvements and new features that will be included on the September release: