Release Candidate of Comodo ONE - IT Operating Platform November Release (11/18/2017)

Hi everyone,

We would like to inform you that we are going to have new releases over Comodo ONE on Saturday (11/18/2017) morning. Platform will be on maintenance mode for 4 hours early Saturday. We expect to have no service outage in general. If you observe any brief connectivity issues, please retry later in the day.

IT and Security Manager

New Features

  • macOS X 10.13 High Sierra is officially supported by both Comodo Client – Communication and Comodo Client – Security agents. You can now enroll and manage your macOS X 10.13 High Sierra devices!
  • iOS 11 is officially supported now. You can enroll your smartphones and tablets with latest available operating system.
  • Now you can see the list of all endpoint clients with latest version and the date of release information on Settings>Support page. You can quickly see which version of the agent is in production for each operating system in case you need them.
    • You can reach wiki of the feature from here
Bug Fixes
  • Some admins were receiving a “0 error message” exception on the Comodo Remote Control application that blocked them from establishing remote control session, issue is fixed
  • Local IP address was missing on the Hardware Inventory Reports that are created through ITSM-> Dashboard -> Reports. Missing info is provided now.
  • Compatibility issue between the Proxy setting and patch management module is fixed. Now admins can keep on using the patch management features behind proxy
Comodo Client Security

New Features

  • We have realized that when an admin sends the remove CCS agent command from the portal the end user gets disrupted by the reboot. With the new CCS version the uninstallation will be triggered on the moment of command is sent; but it will wait until the device is rebooted by the end user to complete the uninstallation.
    • You can reach wiki of the feature from here
  • We have added automatically creating a system restore point before installing or updating CCS to have a backup in case an environmental issue emerges during these tasks.
Bug Fixes
  • In some cases after CCS is uninstalled system was facing BSOD. Issue is fixed.
Service Desk

New Features

  • Now, you will see tickets ordered according to last update date on every ticket list including user details page. This way, you will not need to make an effort to sort them to see the most recent one at top.
  • We classified internal notes on ticket details page in threads section. By this way, you will see whether it is an internal note or not at first glance. In addition to that, you will see the details of that “post reply” threads. We added cc, collaborators and to parts of the e-mail that is used on that thread. Go ahead and try yourself to easily identify and understand the threads on your tickets!,
    • You can reach wiki of the feature from here
  • Now help topics will be added as a parent or a sub- help topics and will be classified as a dropdown list on ticket creation. By this way, when you create a ticket you will easily understand and categorize help topics. Moreover, you will also get reports by help topics with dropdown list on reports section. Now, add your help topics, categorize and track them to see how it will help you!
    • You can reach wiki of the feature from here
  • We added new monitors to our system to keep a close eye on every aspect of Service Desk, to identify and solve the problems without you even notice it!
Bug Fixes
  • FAQ access for clients whom are not logged in is now fixed.
  • When ticket is printed, some threads were missing on the print, this issue is now fixed.
  • Duplicate e-mails for scheduled reports problem is now fixed.
  • Testing was failing for smtp settings for valid emails , issue is now fixed.
  • SLA Plan and due date was not be updated for some cases, the issue is now fixed.
C1 Portal


  • Comodo ONE MSP Portal now offer New set of Dome AS MSP licenses under the store.
  • At the last step of the reseller activation on the C1 Portal, we removed the information part. Instead, we'll show a message like;
    • "Please contact with your account manager to discuss and set up your discount structure" instead of showing discount rates. If you don't know your account manager contact details, you can call 9738594000."
  • New Acronis workflow Improvements has been implemented due to some problems that customers have.
  • New Monitorization items implemented for "Login", "Account Setup Wizard" and event queue.
Bug Fixes
  • Unable to delete an ITSM user issue has been fixed.

Are these the only changes scheduled for the November release?

These are namely the new features and improvements, As you know, we continue our initiative on stabilization; there are many improvements on our infrastructure to be even better on performance and stability. Moreover, there are bug fixes still ongoing. The post will be updated when they are finished.

Is there any specific case that you want to point out?

Best regards

Please see ticket LPP-282-65742

Hello @nct,

We appreciate for specifying the support ticket. Upon checking it was referred to our development team already for correction. Thank you

Is there a fix to attachments coming in this fix for SD?

Also, are we altering the SMTP or POP3 in anyway at all? This as you know is major importance to SD and CQM.

Hi @StrobeTech . We will forward this concern to our Development Team. We will provide their response as soon as it’s available. We will send an email about this concern. Thank you. -Parker

what about file transfer to endpoints ?
i thougth it will be in this update already ?

New CRC File Transfer is due in 2018 Q2.

Hi @Elbamir ,

A Feature " New CRC File Transfer " shows on the road-map for implementation in 2018 Q2. We will add you in the loop and we’ll send you an email to keep you updated on its progress.

Hi @nct ,

Thank you for the information. We appreciate it very much.


No support for Android 7?

Hi @Noiden
Not in this month’s platform update though. The release of support for Android 7 has been adjusted to Q1 2018.

Seriously? We’re still having to wait for Android 7 support? That was supposed to be delivered in August. Now it’s more than a year behind schedule. Are we going to get Android 8 as well? Continuing to push this really makes the product look bad. You can get iOS 11 out, but you can’t get Android 7 out.

Hello @sse1177,

We apologize for the inconvenience and we have already alerted our development team about your concern.
Thank you and we appreciate your patience on this matter.

Mm, that’s bad… We can’t go over to ITSM for our mobiles at the moment, because we need Android 7 and 8 support, so we have to stick with our old MDM for the phones at the moment.

I have it installed on my Android 6.0 and it still does not work properly on that.
Android does need a complete over haul, and have support for 6+

Hi @Damon

i have a really old ticket on this, but the only feature that works is listing installable apps.

The issue is the phone does not update to and from the portal unless you open and close the app constantly and pray.

Due to this messages are sporadic, location and wipe does not work at all.

Does not report AV details correctly either… I have the AV app installed as well, and that does not scan or keep update unless done manually too.

​​​​​​​hope this info helps

@Anna_C At this point there is no patience. You’re talking almost 18 months behind Android 7 being released and you still cannot support it. Every customer that I interact with that allows Android devices I have to recommend against Comodo. This is the ONE feature that seriously detriments your entire product. Failing to be even close to up-to-date with technology is a HUGE show-stopper when you are a platform for managing technology. We need a FIRM commitment from executive leadership when this will be delivered. “Alerting” your development team is no longer a sufficient response. Take a look at your forum and you will see that there are a number of folks that feel the same way and probably many that have already abandoned Comodo because of this. Let’s here from someone at the C-Level about what Comodo’s real commitment to this is. Nothing less is acceptable after this long. BTW, the industry term for this is “vaporware”.


I promise you I and others do feel your pain, but Comodo only have so many staff to deploy and get issues solved.

They have had a lot of issues with platform hardware which has meant a move to Amazon, now these random bugs caused by that are out the way they have been very quick to get the core working and more stable.

Hopefully they will be in good position after Christmas to start getting addition support features like this working.

@ayhanepik There is a release due this weekend, but the demo site has not been updated for us to test. Please advise.