Release Candidate of ITarian- IT Operating Platform for 12th of October, 2019

Hello everyone!

We are excited to inform you that we are planning to have a new release scheduled to go live Saturday 12th of October, 2019. morning!

The release is expected to take 30 minutes to deploy, during that time platform will be under maintenance mode. Post-deployment tests are expected to continue until 4 pm EST during which you may observe minor glitches. If you observe any issues, please feel free to share with us.

Endpoint Manager

Endpoint Manager Core

New Features

Fallback connections for proxy servers

You can now tell CCC and CCS to use a direct internet connection if your proxy server is not reachable for any reason.

Two-factor authentication on standalone Endpoint Manager

Two-factor authentication has been an option on Comodo One and ITarian portals for some years now. With this release, we extend the feature to the standalone version of Endpoint Manager.

Endpoint Manager admins can now:

  • Force two-factor authentication for all Endpoint Manager users
  • Enable two-factor for themselves
  • View the status of two-factor authentication on all user accounts
  • Reset two-factor authentication if there are issues
Flag and remove options for old and duplicate devices

New device management options allow admins to:

  • Filter duplicate devices
  • Define a time period after which inactive and duplicate devices will be removed from Endpoint Manager
Support for iOS 13

Endpoint Manager now supports mobile devices running on iOS 13.

Change Passwords Manually

You can now manually reset an Endpoint Manager user account password. Admins can now specify, or auto-generate, a new password on behalf of users.


New Features

Shellcode injection moved to Miscellaneous tab

  • The shellcode injection option has been moved from the HIPS section of a Windows profile, to the ‘Miscellaneous Settings’ section. This was done for consistency with the Windows security client (CCS)/
‘Skipped’ status added to antivirus logs
  • Antivirus logs in the security dashboard now state ‘Skipped’ if a file was not scanned. The new description is more useful for troubleshooting purposes than the previous description of ‘Unknown’.
Ability to restore disabled services, autoruns and scheduled tasks
  • You can now view all disabled services, autoruns and scheduled tasks in the ‘Antivirus’ area of Endpoint Manager. Admins can re-enable these items on selected devices, or all devices.
Remote Control

New Features

Proxy Configuration Fallback

Admins can now have the Remote Control tool revert to a direct connection if their proxy is unavailable.

File Transfer Improvements

The latest release sees the following incremental improvements to remote file transfers:

  • Select and transfer multiple items.
  • Single-click remote files/folders to rename them
  • 'Transfer Logs' have been added to the ‘Audit Logs’ section.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed occasional connection errors when using remote tools in the Endpoint Manager portal.
  • Fixed issue that prevented Comodo Remote Control sessions when a maintenance window was active on target devices.
Remote Monitoring and Management

New Features

  • You can now receive reports after a procedure is successful on targeted devices.
  • More details about a failed procedure have been added to auto-generated Service Desk tickets.
  • Hidden procedure execute for support admin account.
  • Redesigned storage structure.
  • Improve logging mechanism for network discovery.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug which caused the RMM service to crash (specifically RMMService 6.30.29303.19090)
Patch Management

New Features

  • Admins can now install operating system patches on at-risk/vulnerable devices.
  • Improvements to the patch manager log collector
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a procedure execution issue related to logged in users
  • Fixed bug that caused Endpoint manager to mistakenly show supported software as unsupported
  • Fixed issue related to Microsoft Teams collaboration software
Comodo Client Security

New Features

Scan DLLs loaded by processes

  • Added new option, 'Monitor DLL files loaded by running processes', to ‘Advanced Protection’ > ‘Miscellaneous
Improved Windows Boot Protection
  • Comodo Client Security (CCS) now monitor untrusted DLLs & autoruns before the CCS service launches. This includes untrusted apps and unknown PE files which attempt to load via system vulnerabilities.
Scan from VDT session or via 'Windows Fax and Scan' application
  • Added list for application which allowed to access COM/DCOM unrestricted from containment and be a part of configuration.
Monitor Un-trusted DLLs & autoruns before CCS service launches
  • Added new option "Use direct connection if proxy is unreachable" the Proxy and Host settings.
Two-factor authentication added to Unknown File hunter (UFH)
  • After setting up 2FA in the portal, users will also be able login to UFH with the same system of Google Authenticator codes.
Vulnerability Fixes
  • Refactoring to resolve CVE-2019-14694
  • Contained applications are now prohibited from accessing power options
  • Unsigned DLLs can no longer load into Comodo Client Security processes. Supported on Windows 8+
  • Added ability to prevent contained processes reading the memory of other processes.
Bug Fixes
  • Full scan aborted - cavwp.exe crashes on Windows 10x64
  • Application crashes when it is started in Containment via right click
  • Virtual desktop prompt is split when 2 screens are connected
  • Unable to start browsers in containment
  • CCS does not start "Antivirus Update" operation by "COMODO Signature Update" scheduled task
  • AV scan doesn't log embedded code detected in autorun items correctly
Cost -Neutral IT Management

At ITarian we strive to bring you the essential platform and tools needed to manage either your own IT department or your customer’s IT infrastructure. That means, RMM (Remote Monitoring Management), Remote Access, Patch Management, SNMP, and much more.

We initially achieved this Cost Neutrality by not having a “commercial relationship” with users and not charging.

Now we have over 16,000 MSPs and Enterprises (as of Sept 2019) using the platform on a daily basis to manage their IT infrastructure.

Challenges we faced with the Free Model vs Cost Neutral Model

Mid to Large MSPs and Enterprises started demanding a commercial relationship in order to achieve the SLAs they provide for their customers. For Mid to Large level MSPs and Enterprises it was more about SLAs vs free. It was only fair that such a critical infrastructure/tool that affected their SLA should also provide an SLA under a commercial agreement.

That’s when the ITarian Product Management Team started thinking about providing a Cost Neutral model but also providing an SLA for everyone! Soon there had to be a commercial relationship with our userbase for the upcoming launch of our Marketplace. We naturally expect the people we benefit by providing a cost neutral infrastructure, to support us by using our marketplace (which will be very reasonable).

So, What’s the Idea?

We charge per endpoint per month (MSPs please apply for MSP discounted rate), but we will reimburse your spending, dollar for dollar, by deducting all of your spending on the following products

100% Re-imbursement on the following products:

  1. Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP)

  2. Comodo Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Marketplace Re-imbursement:

To be announced later.

What will you have in your marketplace?

Our ultimate goal is to integrate everything you need to buy via the marketplace so that you have a much smoother, centralized experience. We will add vendors in phases.

Phase 1 – Apart from Comodo Endpoint Security, cDome Shield, Comodo Antispam, and Comodo MDR; The following will be available:

Acronis Acronis Backup

CloudStack CloudStack

Google G Suite

Huawei Huawei Fusion Manager

iMind iMind Video Conference

ISPsystem ISPmanager

Microsoft Azure Advanced Threat Protection for Users

Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Microsoft Azure Pack

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

Microsoft Microsoft Exchange Server 2016

Microsoft Azure Stack

Microsoft Exchange Online Archiving

Microsoft Exchange Online

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Retail

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Operations

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Talent

Microsoft Azure Information Protection

Microsoft Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security

Microsoft Microsoft 365 Enterprise

Microsoft Microsoft 365 Business

Microsoft Office 365 Education

What if I can’t afford it because I am just starting out?

Please write to us at and we will set you up with our “Business Start Up” team to help you all the way!

Will you reimburse me for my marketplace spending?

As soon as we launch the marketplace, we will announce the “reimbursement” ratios. Until then you can get 100% deduction on the above 2 products.

Any special pricing for MSPs?

Yes, please get in contact with us for special pricing at

How will I be reimbursed?

We will deduct 100% of your spending to use towards your purchase of any of these 2 products. That amount will be deducted from your invoices automatically.

I have been using ITarian for free – do I need to pay?

Get in touch with our Partner success team ( to help you navigate the best solution. Don’t forget, we want to make IT Management Cost-Neutral for you!

Best Regards,
Product Management Team

October Release Notes (2019-10-12).pdf (149 KB)

Service Desk

Bug Fixes

  • Post a reply issue from the browser on Service Desk
  • New SD users created via Helpdesk portal are not getting activation/verification e-mails automatically right after registration
  • Wrong error message appears creating new ticket with wrong e-mail format
  • Ticket Data and Executive Ticket Summary Report don't receive data from SD
  • “Add New Field” button doesn’t work when editing the CUSTOM FORM “Ticket Details”
Client Versions
  • Windows Communication Client 6.31.30518.19100
  • Windows Client - Security
  • Windows Remote Control 6.31.30444.19100
  • MacOS Communication Client 6.31.30316.19100
  • MacOS Client - Security
  • MacOS Remote Control 6.31.30425.19100
  • Linux Communication Client 6.28.26228.19060
  • Linux Client - Security
  • Android Mobile Device Management Client
  • iOS Mobile Device Management Client 1.2.27
Best Regards, Product Management Team

Hello everyone,

We would like to inform you that deployment has been started for October release.

We will also inform you when post-deployment tests are completed.

Best Regards,
Product Management Team

Is this why i cannot login at the moment?

“Comodo Account Management did not respond in time. Please try again later. If this problem occurs again, then please contact support.”

Do you have a rough estimate of what time the system will be back online?


AM I reading this right?! You are now going to charge us PER ENDPOINT for everything that was free NOW???

Maybe I’m not understand but I for sure am starting to get highly upset over this.

It’s fine if you want to charge for your add-ons BUT I EXPLICITLY ASKED AND MADE SURE YOU COMMITTED TO FREE IN WRITING LONGGGGGGG before this moment. If I am understanding right you want to break that agreement with all of us because some large MSPs want some form of SLA. UNACCEPTABLE!!!

Large MSPs have quite a bit more capital to work with and most small MSPs use your platform because we don’t have to charge our customers $4+ a node per month for our MSP platform. They should have already purchased from a different vendor. This is not the target market for your platform, never was for those large MSPs (in your own words which I also have in writing), it was always meant for small and medium MSPs.

If you are going to charge per node then you are the SAME as the rest and there are quite a few more mature and more reliable products then the Comodo platform.

I also personally invested countless hours helping your staff develop the platform from its infancy to now (I started before most of your own staff started in 2015). If you think for one minute that you can just change the relationship on a whim to accommodate your big customers then forget it. Talk about some serious negative backlash and probably more beyond since I have saved all the posts where I have asked about this being free forever for all the offerings we currently have.

You got clients that want an SLA, great, then provide THOSE clients with an SLA, that does not have to involve us. For most here, we came to your platform because it was free and if you are now shifting to a paid model then we are going to gather and protest this something fierce and take action against you for such actions.

Same crap other vendors have done in the past. In fact reading this makes me furious to the point where if indeed this is true then I’m inclined to serious consider investing in another platform or even building our own to replace yours, we have a staff of programmers and we are not afraid to use them to build a direct competitor that is free for all MSPs.

Don’t make enemies of your allies in the process of churning dollars. Make things value adds that MSPs have a chance to CHOOSE to opt in or out of.

Elif, this is not the agreement that was originally made that I have in writing many times over. So unfortunately, this will need more explanation as you promised this to many. You will be making a huge mistake if you violate the terms of agreement that you originally set with community as that will result in negative campaigns against Comodo and a flood of us leaving your platform and being very vocal about it. We do not tolerate being lied to just fyi.

Agree whole heartedly, this has been a complete cluster fu(k in the way it has been announced, deployed and just in general handled by Comodo and Itarian.

Did they just think they could ride roughshod over us all? Even now, I can’t login to start deleting my endpoints without agreeing to a un-vetted EULA…

Hello everyone!

We are happy to announce that post-deployment tests are completed. You can safely enjoy the new features coming with the October release.

Looking forward to hear your feedbacks!

Product Management Team

How to I login to this disaster to remove my endpoints?

How to I login to this disaster to remove my endpoints? @Elif Ayhan Kurt

Hello everyone,

As you know we have released "Flag and remove options for old and duplicate devices” as a new capability with October release. After the release “Remove Old Device” checkbox was selected by default and some of our customers got emails if they have inactive devices older than 90 days. That’s expected. Considering this choice shouldn’t be enabled by default, we have updated it and now by default this checkbox will be off (disabled). Users who want to remove their old devices, should enable this option explicitely.

We apologize for the confusion.

You can check the settings from ; Endpoint manager->Settings->Portal set-up->Device Removal Settings.

Best Regards,
Product Management Team

I can not do the above without agreeing to an un-vouched and untested by EU DPCs EULA something which I am not prepared to do.

So when is it going to be reviewed?

All EULA updates are already reviewed and approved by our legal team before publishing.

Its like banging your head off the wall… which EU country DPC did the review? Your legal team review is meaningless


Could you tell me please where I can find this option in the platform?

Edit: forget that… found it in ‘Portal Setup’. For your information… the setting was still ‘ON’. I’ve now manually disabled it.