Release Candidate of ITarian - IT Operating Platform for 16th-17th June, 2021

Hello everyone!

We’re excited to inform you that the latest version of ITarian will go live in the third week of June 2021.

The release schedule will be as follows:
US Region -> The release will start on 16th June 2021 Wednesday at 1 AM EDT
EU Region and agents -> The release will start on 17th June 2021 Thursday at 5 AM GMT

The release is expected to take 30 minutes to deploy, during that time the platform will be under maintenance mode, where you may observe minor glitches. If you observe any issues, please feel free to share with us.

Endpoint Manager

Endpoint Manager Core

New Features

  • Android 11 KNOX is now fully supported on Endpoint Manager.
  • Ubuntu 21.04 is now fully supported on Endpoint Manager.
  • Pricing model description is added to Bill Forecast page.
  • Google Chrome and Galaxy Store can be managed over Mobile Applications List.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the issue of the inability to uninstall apps from software inventory.
  • Fixed the issue of Comodo Client - Security logs are missing on Endpoint Manager Portal.
  • Fixed the issue of the operating system name not being displayed for Android devices on the device list export.


  • HIPS option "Create rules for safe applications" is disabled by default for all predefined Endpoint Manager profiles.
  • HIPS, Containment and Firewall whitelist rules are added for commonly used apps and actions.
  • Web Filtering configurations are excluded on profile processing.
  • Block Malicious files rule is added to Containment baseline mode.
  • Fixed the issue of inability to change file rating under Autoruns through Endpoint Manager Portal.
Data Loss Prevention
  • Additional Predefined patterns are added.
    • Turkish Nationality ID Number
    • Credit Card Track Numbers
    • Encrypted Archive
    • Encrypted Document
    • Source Code (C,C++,C#,PHP etc.)
Remote Monitoring and Management

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue of the procedure failed due to unknown reasons just after it was started.
Patch Management

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue of the inability to Uninstall Cumulative updates (KB5000802).
Remote Control

New Features

  • Ability to connect to different devices via RC for users connected to the RDS server who use RC at the same time
    Remote Control now supports multiple users who are connected to the RDS server to connect to different endpoints at the same time using Remote Control

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue of accented characters not typed as expected on the target device via RC connection.

Comodo Client Security


New Features

  • Infrastructural changes have been made in order to move embedded code detection logs to another tab in Application Control with the ability to query the content of the script on demand.
  • Fixed the issue of Comodo Client - Security agent does not detect embedded code in autoruns if interpreter is renamed
  • Fixed the issue of Comodo Client - Security full scan is aborted after ~10 minutes.
  • Fixed the issue of incorrect process name is added to the registry by Comodo Client - Security.
  • Fixed the issue of Web Filtering blocking wrong applications.
  • Fixed the issue of cavwp.exe crashing on Terminal Server 2008R2 with the latest Comodo Client - Security
  • Fixed the issue of the keyboard not working after CCS uninstallation.
  • Fixed the issue of Comodo Client -Security v. Causing Bugcheck 0xCA on Windows Server 2019.
  • Fixed the issue of Comodo Client - Security v.12.6 diagnostics is failing with errors.
Data Loss Prevention:
  • Refresh Capability while Discovery Scan
    Ability to refresh Discovery Scan list while a scan is in progress.
  • Removable Storage Rule Enhancements
    Capabilities of removable storage detection is extended with below removable storage types:
  • External HDDs /SSDs
  • Optical Devices (CD/DVD)
  • SD, Micro SD Cards, SDXC-SDHC cards
  • eSata removable drives
  • FireWire connected devices
  • Devices using MTP protocol

New Features

  • Account Security Improvements
    • Users can change the option for 2FA between Authenticator and SMS Code.
    • Answers for the security questions are now only showing the initial character and the others are hidden.
    • Ability to define periods to enforce password change.
  • Fixed the issue of invalid request error on at page load.
New Client Versions:

Windows Communication Client : 6.41.40474.21060

Windows Comodo Client - Security:v12.8.0.8595

Windows Remote Control :6.41.40231.21060

Endpoint Detection and Response: (previous)

macOS Communication Client: 6.41.40230.21060

macOS Comodo Client - Security : (previous)

macOS Remote Control: 6.41.40232.21060

iOS Mobile Device Management Client : 1.3.0 (previous)

Android Mobile Device Management Client:

Linux Communication Client: 6.38.39165.20090 (previous)

Linux Comodo Client - Security: (previous)

Best Regards,
Product Management Team

Itarian-Release Notes June 2021.pdf (788 KB)