Release Candidate of ITarian Platform for Major Release of 2022 Q1

Hello everyone!

We’re excited to inform you that the latest version of ITarian will go live at the end of the first quarter of 2022.

The release schedule will be as follows:
US Region -> The release will start on 13th April 2022 Wednesday at 1 AM EDT
EU Region and agents -> The release will start on 14th April 2022 Thursday at 5 AM GMT

The release is expected to take 30 minutes to deploy, during that time the platform will be under maintenance mode, where you may observe minor glitches. If you observe any issues, please feel free to share them with us.

Endpoint Manager

Endpoint Manager Core

New Features

  • Support for Windows Server 2022
From now on, the ITarian platform completely supports Windows Server 2022.
  • Permission Management for Multiple Roles
If more than one role is assigned to a user and/or user group, a combination of the permission set of related roles will be considered when determining the permissions of the user/user group.
  • Ability to Skip Security Warning Popup for a Year
When Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection is not installed on any endpoint, the security warning popup is being shown, and now users can choose to hide the popup for up to one year.


  • Redesign of the Device List Table Layout
Device List Table layout under “Device Management” and “Group Management” pages are redesigned to be able to show all texts in the columns and distribute columns properly. Icons are combined at OS and name columns in order to gain more space.


  • Fixed the issue of the enrollment link not being sent.
  • Fixed the device that doesn’t connect to the specified Wi-Fi issue when using the hidden SSID.
  • Fixed the issue of Beta reports failing in the US region.
  • Fixed the issue of restricting access from assigning roles but to giving access to create a user.
  • Fixed the issue "users.rbac.manage" permission hiding the "Customer" field in the "Create User" popup.

New Features

  • Showing Embedded Code Detections on a New Section in Application Control
Detected embedded codes are shown in a separate section for easier differentiation from other application detections. Moreover, from now on the content of the detected script can be queried for further analysis.
  • Adding the Containment Run Virtually New Options in the Default Profile
From now on, a containment rule in default profiles can be set for the "Run Virtually" action to prohibit usage of SMB shared resources and/or not allow access to other processes' memory.
  • Scan Start Date – End Date Addition for Antivirus Device List Export
When the antivirus device list is exported, the Scan Start Date and Scan End Date are now included.
  • Sync/Async LVS Lookup Switch
From now on, LVS Lookup can be configured to be executed synchronously or asynchronously.


  • Renaming Security Sub-System Section
The security Sub-System section under the ITarian Platform has been entirely renamed with a more comprehensive menu structure.
  • Specific Browser Data Paths Addition to Protected Data Folders
Data folder paths for major web browsers are added under the Protected Data Folders section in order to prohibit contained applications to read sensitive browser data. Necessary paths are added for the below web browsers.
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Containment Rule UI Improvements
From now on, criteria details are also being shown under the Containment Rules section.


  • The issue of the "Client security is not installed" filter of not showing the correct number of unprotected endpoints has been fixed.
  • Fixed the issue of incomplete AntiVirus exclusions list in case more than 1 profile is associated with a macOS device.
Remote Monitoring and Management

New Features

  • Export / Import Functionality for Monitors
Monitors under the Configuration Templates section will be imported and exported collectively. Improvements
  • Rename Procedure Scheduler Option
When a procedure is added to a profile with a “once” scheduler option, it will be executed once on an endpoint at a selected time. “Never” is renamed “Once”.

Patch Management


  • Fixed the issue of misspelling in logs output for patch management.
  • Fixed the issue of 3rd party applications uninstalling from the Endpoint Manager portal.
Remote Control


  • Fixed the issue of disconnecting from XMPP and getting an error "Replaced by new connection" frequently at Remote Control.
  • Fixed the issue of Remote Control going offline.
  • Fixed the issue of devices listed online in the portal and offline in Remote Control for the US region.
  • Fixed the issue of disconnection after multiple sessions.


  • Fixed the issue of getting an error when switching back to the master account from the partner portal.

New Portal Versions:

ITarian Portal: 3.49.0

New Client Versions:

Windows Communication Client : 7.0.42009.22030

Windows Comodo Client - Security: (previous)

Windows Remote Control : 7.0.41994.22030

macOS Communication Client: 7.0.41961.22030

macOS Comodo Client - Security :

macOS Remote Control: 7.0.42002.22030

iOS Mobile Device Management Client : 1.3.0 (previous)

Android Mobile Device Management Client (Google / CDN): /

Linux Communication Client: 7.0.41997.22030

Linux Comodo Client - Security: (previous)

Best Regards,
Product Management Team

Itarian-Release Notes April 2022.pdf (768 KB)

Hi @cakilinac

Password Protection for Comodo Agent Removal Tool is this for the CCS Removal Tools or something different, the information on the release notes is not very clear.

  • Network Containment for Endpoints in case of a Breach
From now on, endpoints can be temporarily isolated from the network when a breach is detected. This capability will prevent spread until the affected endpoint is cleaned. The configuration can be done directly from the platform with one click, and all network activity will be stopped for the selected endpoint(s).

Will the endpoint still be able to communicate with ITarian so that we may remote into it and work remotely with it? Will there be an option for custom “safelist” of domains or IP addresses that the endpoint can communicate with while under isolation?

  • Sync/Async LVS Lookup Switch
From now on, LVS Lookup can be configured to be executed synchronously or asynchronously.

What’s the advantage of being able to control this feature?

Hi @nct ,

The name of CCS Removal Tools has been changed to Comodo Agent Removal Tool.

Thank you so much for pointing it out.
Best Regards,

So staff will communicate about new features but ignore that we are down and let us know whats going on.

We are having a problem with AWS instance we are running…
All hands on deck…another instance operates without a problem…moving things over…
Sorry :frowning: we will dig deeper as to why AWS failed.

The failure to communicate is huge.
You might want to look at that too.
It would have taken a few minutes to keep your clients informed.

You should respond to the RMM sub forum

Is there a roadmap to configure blocked/excluded websites to CCS website filtering?
I have not seen where to do this in Endpoint Manager and according to this info it sounds like it has to be configured individually on each endpoint from the CCS software menus:

@minntech There is nowhere to centrally configure the CCS website filtering on Comodo C1, by default I’m told it just blocks some malicious website. It also only works when the CCS firewall is applied to the profile.

I would also like to know if there are plans to provide more web filtering functionality for CCS which can be managed centrally.

Hello @nct ,

Central management capabilities for website filtering is on our mid-longterm roadmap. However, Comodo is providing the same capability and much more through Secure Internet Gateway product. If you are interested in, I am more than happy to help.

Best regards,

Is this release still slated for March 2022 or has it been delayed? The release notes attachment reference March 2022 but the “release schedule” reference in the post now says TBD.

Can SIG be synced with CIS web filtering ?

Hello @libretech,

No, it cannot be synchronized. Since CIS is our consumer product and SIG is our enterprise product, there is no such integration between them…

Best regards,

Can SIG be synced with the enterprise EPP?

Hello @libretech ,

As Comodo, we aim to add Secure Email Gateway and Secure Internet Gateway capabilities under Dragon Enterprise platform to provide you a unified platform and endpoint security. It is on our midterm roadmap.

Best regards,

Great News! I look forward to the unified platform.

In case anyone has missed the post amendment above, there was a platform update today.

The release schedule will be as follows:
US Region -> The release will start on 13th April 2022 Wednesday at 1 AM EDT
EU Region and agents -> The release will start on 14th April 2022 Thursday at 5 AM GMT

Hello, will Valkyrie be integrated on Dragon Enterprise in the future?Now it jumps to a different page, and the UI color style is different, which will be more convenient if integrated into the console later???

Where is the announcement for update June 23 2022 ?
System down, assume its related to a banner on sign in ?