Release of Comodo Client Security for Linux v2.2.1.444 (2019/04/22)

Hi everyone,

The new version of Comodo Client Security for Linux will be released on next Monday (2019/04/22). During the release, there will not be any planned downtime for our services.

Here’s the recent features and fixes included in this version:

Comodo Client Security - Linux

New Features

  • Similar to our MacOS addition, we added Valkyrie to CCS for Linux. When CCS detects an executable with an unknown trust rating, it will upload the file to Valkyrie for behavior testing. The test results will tell CCS whether the file is trustworthy or malicious. CCS with either allow or block the file based on the result.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the issue of asking for password before on-demand AV scans
Thanks, -Can Product Manager Comodo Cybersecurity Team