Remote Access

If I want to use the Remote Access by Itarian application to remotely access a pc, do I need to turn on remote access for that pc or is it already enabled? I ask because I’m trying to connect to a specific pc but it never actually connects. It just sits there saying “connecting to host”. I’m able to connect to other pcs just fine.

@jmock ,

What is the OS environment of the endpoint? Do you have any other 3rd Party AV on the machine? The EM Portal has Remote enabled by default (EM Portal> Settings> Portal Setup>Extensions Management) and ( EM Portal> Configuration Templates> Profiles/ Cloned Profile> Remote Control - [uncheck] Do not allow Remote Control Session] ). There might be a possibility that some other software might cause the unsuccessful remote take over (some of we know like Symantec EP and HP Client Security manager).

Often find other AV stops this as it should unless known or allowed.

@Jimmy description and ideas are perfect and what you should look at.

Something else to check is the profile as mentioned as sometimes you might have a profile associated that does not have it enabled like it is in the default ones.

The os version of the endpoint is windows 10. Before my very eyes last night, it started working out of the blue. I didnt make a single change to the system and I was all of the sudden able to remote in. Now, this morning, I can’t remote in again. Although, now I’m getting a “device not ready” error. Again, no changes were made to the pc. I also looked and there isnt anything that would interfere with remote connections. We also have logmein on the pc and its always worked fine. I emailed itarian support but never got a response

Hi @jmock ,

Please send us the email address you used to communicate with ITarian support so we can search for your ticket.
Also, please confirm if you’ve sent the email to

Thank you.

We have seen that error before, but normally getting OS logged in solves it