Remote Command Prompt (shell)

Hello, the old RMM had a feature to login to a command prompt shell on the remote machine. Is this feature available with the “new” agent?
I was able to create a procedure to do what I needed to do, but just having access to the shell would save time.

Hello @Rickkee, the ability login to a command prompt shell on the remote machine is still on our roadmap and our product development team is working to prioritize it with the others received. We will loop you into the corresponding feature request ticket so that we can update you of any important updates from the product development team.

Thank you for your support.

Yes, I am eager for this feature in ITarian. There is another free RMM-type product that allow command prompt shell and works very well in my testing. I believe it can even be ran from mobile browser.

@uandit ,

We thank you for making your request visible on our community. We’ll keep you updated as well with our Developers progress on this feature functionality.