remote connection issues and connection dropping

is anyone else having issues with having to connect multiple times to an endpoint before it actually connects and then from there i keep getting dropped after a few minutes.

@cyberpros ,

What version of the remote tool are you using? Is this the first time you tried utilizing it? Were there any recent changes made on your network? Firewall etc?

not changes to anything i am running the most recent version of the software. problem existed on previous version as well. sometimes no computers would show online i refresh and everything shows up again wait a minute or so then all devices show offline again connections drops etc

We would like to further investigate the situation that you encountered with the Remote Control app, @cyberpros. Feel free to reply to the support ticket we created for your concern at your convenience.

where do i find the support ticket?

The support ticket was sent to the email address you used to sign up here in the ITarian forums, @cyberpros.

I have been having this issue, since the last release. I am having to reboot the remote machine, my local machine, having a rough time in that area also!!

We created a support ticket for your concern @BOSS. Feel free to reply at your convenience.

Hi @Rick_C , we also have this issue extremely slow performance and needing multiple connects we end up using Teamviewer or Anydesk

@Marveltec ,

We will assist in investigating your reported issue. Please check your forum registered email at your convenience.

I would also like to mention that since Comodo will not fix the old RMM admin console, I will have to move to a different solution just to ensure that I can connect and help my customers out!! This is a huge issue when it comes to customer support!!!


We will make sure to send the Product Manager your feedback. In the meantime, please consider our ITarian Remote Tool for your requirements. Thanks

The issue, as I see it with that solution, is that it has to be installed on the endpoint. I do not allow my users to have admin rights, so they can not install the software. It would also seem that without being able to log in to install something, I can not use that solution either…

It also seems that it is getting worse, I am having issues logging into any device, and can not log into some, even after initiating a reboot, or 3. Which seems to take 15-20 minutes to reboot.

Hello @BOSS ,

Hope you are well.

Regarding your concern of installing application on the endpoint, installation is definitely not necessary. As long as endpoints are enrolled to the system (agent is running on endpoint) you do not need to install any application on the endpoints for Remote Control, File Transfer, File Explorer, Process Explorer and many more that will be added to Remote Tools family.

For Remote Control, you’ll only need to download the Admin Application, it can be found under Tools menu. Please refer to wiki here:…remote-control

For Remote Tools, you can directly access these tools through the Endpoint Manager portal.
Please refer to wikis here:…dpoint-manager…cess-inventory

We are devoting all our energy and resources to build cutting edge, reliable, and scalable technology for Remote Control and Tools that you can rely on for your day-to-day operations.

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Remote Control and Tools

The remote tool you have in the link is the one that does not work, I was talking about the stand alone remote tool. Unless I missed something, this post did not give me the info I needed.