Remote control Android

I’m going straight for the white elephant in the room.
I’ve installed this software simply to remote control Android devices, however, it seems thats the only type of device that cannot be controlled.
I’m using Windows 7 for the Admin machine, and I wish to be able to manage/Administer many Android devices.
I have attempted to search for info on controlling Android devices from Comodo, but it seems that subject is completely avoided by everyone…
What do I have to use/install to ‘remote control’ my Android phone please?

Hello @LarryL ,

The feature to remote ios and android devices is already part of the roadmap and is expected to be delivered by the end of 2018Q3.
Please tell us if you want to be added on the loop of interested customers so you`ll receive an email for any important update.


Hi Jay

Thank you, that’s great news.
Yes please, keep me in the loop for information on this.


Hello Larry @LarryL ,

Support team will get in touch with you shortly via email.


This is great news as it will allow remote phone configs and more.

Keep me update, please,too.

@nct ,

Absolutely. We’ll keep you posted.

Please keep me posted on this as well.


We’ll keep you posted also.

Please keep me updated on this as well

Hello @zain,

We appreciate for letting us know your interest with the feature. We have added you in the loop of email update for the “feature to remote ios and android devices”. The updates will be relay via the created support ticket and this forum page. Thank you