Remote Control by ITarian - silent install and others

Hi team,

i have recently stumbled across the ITarian offerings and have started testing.

we currently use TeamViewer for our unattended Remote Access but are looking to move away.

The critical areas that we need to ensure are covered/achievable are as followed;

Silent install (Remote install)
unattended Access on endpoints
unlimited endpoints
simultaneous remote sessions (more than 1 staff member using the service at any one time)
reports on connections made and time spent

if anyone could let me know if these features exist and if there are limits on connections/endpoints it would be greatly appreciated

Hello @ITsDan

It’s great to hear from you!

With Remote Control by ITarian, you’ll have all requirements available from Day 0 - today!

There is absolutely NO LIMITATION on the connections or endpoints.

  • Silent install (Remote install) - YES - Thru Agent (Communication Client) enrollment you'll automatically have access to the endpoints, you can even silent install Technician/Admin Apps through our Windows Application Store.
  • unlimited endpoints - YES - No limitation!
  • simultaneous remote sessions (more than 1 staff member using the service at any one time) - YES - Multiple staff can initiate connections to different devices at the same time.
  • reports on connections made and time spent - YES - You can access to the Audit Logs for connections and time spent. (Exporting Reports will be coming in 2019Q1) Please refer to this wiki for further information:
Please feel free to contact us regarding any requests.

Best Regards,

Product Manager,
Remote Control and Tools

Hi Begüm

thank you for the prompt response.

so just to clarify there are switches available which will allow me to roll out the remote control software to endpoints remotely, without any input on the other end?

or are you saying that i just need to install the agent (remotely and silently) which then also provides the remote control access?!

sorry if that has confused things. i just haven’t used a full RMM solution before as we are moving over from a ‘break fix’ solution

kind regards

Hello @ITsDan ,


So there are two use cases:

General (typically for your customers’ endpoints)

  1. Enroll your endpoints to the ITarian Platform
    Please refer to here to start enrolling one device:
    Bulk Installation:
  2. As long as your endpoints are online, using Technician / Admin App of Remote Control, without any other action/configuration, you can directly start a remote connection to the endpoints.

If you like to silently install Technician / Admin App of Remote Control to your staff’s device,

  1. Enroll your staff’s endpoint to the ITarian Platform
  2. Then you can also install the Technician / Admin App from the ITarian portal remotely and silently.

I’m more than happy to have a quick call if you have any other questions!


Product Manager,
Remote Control and Tools