Remote control extremely slow on one server

Have one Windows server 2008 R2 standard.
its a physical server.

Installed the CCC and its extremely slow to access.
So slow its useless. This is totally different than any of the other devices we use the remote control on.

When i say slow I mean its so slow I thought it was broken at first.
Click on send ctrl-alt-del and wait several minutes before you get to a place where you can enter password.
Enter password and wait a minutes or more before it starts to log you in.

Any idea what to look for here?


We’ll send you a support ticket via email to further investigate the issue.

Time to move on I am starting to think.
So many things in this platform is not working.

Hello @smartcloud ,

First of all, I’m very sorry to hear that you had an issue on Windows Server 2008 R2 standard.

I’d like to confirm whether you are still having any issues or this is resolved. I’ve got feedback from the team that this should work fine now. Could you please confirm so that I can help to escalate this problem for resolution if it persists?

I’d also like to schedule a call with you to understand what did not work for you and help with any onboarding questions or concerns you may have encountered.


Product Manager, Remote Control

Still slow, so slow it can’t be used.
Takes 2 minutes and 26 seconds from you send ctrl+alt+delete until the login prompt appears.

Thank you for the feedback @smartcloud .

I’ve requested our support team to reach out to you to collect some logs for development team’s investigation of the reported slowness problem. I’ll be following up with the team and keep you posted.


Product Manager, Remote Control