Remote Control Focus after sending CTRL-ALT-DEL

Hi, this is a little thing, but annoying since other RC apps do this. After CTRL-ALT-DEL has been sent, please place the focus on the password field. We constantly have to click in the password field, then type the password. I understand this is a minor thing, but when this is our technicians’ number one complaint, it becomes a bigger issue. They can handle a lack of features, but this is a lack of function which pretty much all other RC apps have.


Hello @netzbahn,

Thank you very much for sharing us your observation regarding with the remote control focus.

We have reported the issue to our development team to investigate and resolve the issue.

Thank you.

100% support this request. Feels petty but it really is very annoying. Please make this a priority as it would improve productivity and reduce daily frustrations.

Hello @amcssit ,

Good day, please tell us if you want to receive an update through email and we`ll add you on the loop.


Not sure if it’s because I turned off chromoting or the new CRC release, but this appears to be fixed now.

Hello @amcssit ,

The issue has already been fixed with the October 27th release.