Remote Control for mobile devices.

I’m looking for the ability to remote control machines from a mobile device.
I currently use RDP, which is available, however I need to use that with a VPN.
Would be nice to have the ability to remote control devices on the GO or from the couch using a mobile device.
This is one of the primary reasons we can not use it in our environment and are using LogMeIn instead.
Would prefer to use Comodo/Itarian software instead.

Hi @dspedzia ,

This is currently on the road map however, we do not have an exact time frame for it’s release. I would recommend submitting a feature request to If you do this, you will then receive updates on the progress of the feature as well as the expected release time frame when it is available.

Thank you,

Ryan Turner
Consultant Engineer Manager

Thank you.

Interesting idea…

We have Splashtop and Itarian Remote Control as it good to have a backup and supports Android, iOS and ChromeBooks.