Remote Control Hit and Miss


We are finding remote control really hit and miss. Some machines can sit in the connecting then disconnected state for ages. This is across servers and client PC’s?


Do you have a company firewall set up? A firewall might be causing issues. you can review our help guide for common ports and IPs used by Comodo if for some reason they are blocked,-Host-Names-and-Port-Details---US-Customer.html#firewall_remote,-host-names-and-port-details---eu-customer.html#firewall_remote

OP, are you still seeing this? We are having the same issue.

Yes, still seeing this, we have no firewall filering any ports. As it always connects, but it can take 3/4 minutes at times?

@peter.munnelly ,

We will be creating a support ticket in assisting in this case to identify possible root cause of the issue. We will be collecting logs related to your Comodo One account. Please check your forum registered email for details we will need for analysis.

No offense Jimmy, I don’t have the bandwidth to troubleshoot this now. Let me know if you find anything.