Remote Control keeps going off line

I’m working from home and have not had issues before with remote control but for the last two days it keeps dropping offline and dropping connections is connected to .
I’m trying to troubleshoot the issue and believe it is my internet connection (via Cell network)
How do I find out what IP the remote control is connected to so I can ping that IP and see if it drops - and then I can talk to the cell company to see why it drops.

I have an RDP session to my office and running remote control locally doesn’t drop out so I know its my internet connection
its only remote control that’s effected - nothing else is dropping out


This KB should help you–-IP-Nos,-Host-Names-and-Port-Details.html#em_rc

Thanks for sharing that nct
i pinged every IP in that list for remote control and all are good when it drops out
i couldn’t ping the as it does not return pings for either address

So im still no further ahead as no idea why the remote control software drops offline for 1 or two secs and then reconnects

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