Remote Control Mac Devices

Is it possible to remote control a MAC Device i.e. mac mini not an IPAD, I have installed the agent OK but i can not see a remote control option. Is there another piece of software that needs installing for the MACs for remote control?



Checkout the beta version. fully released on the 23rd. MAC remote is supported. Although I’m not sure about IPad etc.

I’m facing the same issue. I’m pretty new to Comodo and am trying to roll it out right now. However, I am just now hitting a wall with MacOS and Comodo. I’ve got many MacOS clients and really need a way to support them without adding more complexity and expense to my company’s processes. As it stands, I don’t see much value by simply just having the “agent” installed on Apple endpoints. It can’t be that hard. I mean, MacOS even has VNC built-in, and the competition is already using MacOS remote control. If Comodo has no plans to develop this component, it may be worth the $60-150 per month for a paid RMM service. I would love to hear from Comodo regarding this before I get too far down the rabbit hole integrating this into my company.

Oh, that’s great! So, how do I get the “beta version”? Do you mean released on the 23rd of October or last month?

just sign up !!

@pellitech ,

@dittoit is pertaining to this coming October 21st release. Here are some insights of what is included in the update. You can click the link and view the details.…ase-10-21-2017

I’ve really got to get signed up for the demo site then!

Thank you Jimmy and dittoit… I really appreciate your help! That looks like a great update coming. So far, I’m really excited about C1, and with the MacOS support addition coming it seems like I have definitely found the right product. Thank you!

@pellitech ,

We can not go as far as this without all your wonderful insights. We thank all of you for your support and efforts to have Comodo One evolve beyond its limits. We have more to come :slight_smile:

that’s great news thank you, I look forward to the update