Remote control not working on Windows 10 LTSB machine


I have an end point which is part of an X-ray machine setup.
It is shipped and installed with Windows 10 LTSB according to the communication client retrieved data.
I can remote install CCS and EDR on the endpoint and remove them through the device management section in Itarian (Install or Manage packages)
However, I need to setup exclusions for the x-ray software (the CCS inteferes with the software) - The remote control nor remote files doesn’t work.
Also remote tools is grayed out.
re installing the comodo client did not change things.

my custom scripts to download and install software do not work for me on this machine.

How do I fix it?
I don’t want to have a different remote tool just for this endpoint.
I also don’t want to drive over there just for something like this.

If there was an option to create exclusions for files/folders in CCS from the itarian panel itself - in this case, it would fix this particular problem for me
If there was an option to fix the remote connection to a win 10 LTSB machine - it would also fix this.

Hello InfoSecAdmin,

We have created a support ticket in regards to your report and will reach you via your forum registered email for further correspondence.