Remote Control not working

I have some computers I manage in a very secured network. On these computers, outbound UDP is blocked and I cannot unblock it as I have no access to their network security.

Thus I cannot support those machines remotely with Itarian Remote Control.

Is there no SSL relay option for Remote Control? I would be happy to run an SSL Relay on a public server for my account to use in order to avoid issues with secure networks where nearly every outbound port other than TCP 80/443 are blocked.

@tcptechs ,

There are 3 types of connection via RC that exists. Direct, Peer-to-peer and Relay connection. Direct connection is more preferable, Otherwise, target device will be offline in the Remote Console.,-Host-Names-and-Port-Details---US-Customers.html (Remote Control)


Thanks for that. The target devices show online, however I cannot establish a remote control session to those devices in the secure network. I can view their files etc, just not establish the remote control session to them.

I can however establish remote control to any devices not in that secure network.

Looking at the ports for Direct Connect, they are UDP, which this secure network blocks as previously stated.
Same is for Peer to Peer - uses UDP which is blocked.
Same for Relay - uses UDP which is blocked.

Hence why I was asking for “SSL relay”. SSL Relay would use TCP port 443 which is not blocked and usually never blocked.

We consulted the development team about your inquiry, @tcptechs, and, unfortunately, the ‘SSL Relay’ method is not possible with the current design of the Remote Control application. We recommend that you reach out to whoever is managing the secured network to allow the Remote Control app through their network setup.