Remote Control Security

Is there a way to allow certain users to have remote control over certain devices or groups of devices?
I see there are ways to limit security on the web application, but the remote control application gives access to all machines on the account.

Hi @slayt12
Thank you for the clarification. The situation you described with the new CRC desktop application has been reported already and acknowledged by the product development team. A fix to consistently enforce the settings in the Role Management will be delivered by the end of Q4 2017.

Thanks for letting me know that, i thought i was going crazy!
Is there a version that is working properly?

The fix has not been implemented yet but our development team is actively working on it. We will post an update here as soon as it is available.

I see there was a new client application; I downloaded that, now immediately my test user has access to the correct remote machines. After a minute or so, the user then gets a link for a machine they are not to have access to. It isn’t the same one after a log off an log on.
The first log off and on, it was server “A” that showed up, the second time, it was server “B”.
Now when writing this post, server A showed up, then server B without a log off or a refresh of the application.
After leaving it up for about 10 minutes, all machines across all companies are available to access.

@slayt12 ,

We are assuming that you are still pertaining to the limitation of views using the New Comodo Remote Control on what can be seen on the list. Am I correct? can you show us a snapshot of where the discrepancy is?

@slayt12 ,

Thank you for sharing the image. As of the moment the limitations of access on companies appearing on ITSM portal only is possible and is still on development on the New CRC side. We are in the progress of adding the restriction as mentioned by @Rick_C