Remote Control - unable to login

I am new to Comodo One. I have installed and deployed client to all devices. I am now attempting to remote control onto a device. I installed the Remote Control on my workstation, BUT it wi;ll not let me log in.

I tired both USA & Europe.

It tells me “there is no user with this domain\login in the system”

I clearly exist, I am logged into the Comodo website with those credentials.

What am i doing wrong?

Same here. I think the system is down.

@holmesshanea ,

For security purposes, we will communicate with you via support ticket for some account details we might need for investigation. Please check your forum registered email for further correspondence.


We have encountered a minute interruption with he C1 portal. We have communicated with our Product Team to have all services up and running as soon as possible.

We are having issues with the remote control as well. It worked yesterday for everyone but one user. Today I’m not able to use it.

@singlesource ,

Please try to log in again. Our Product Developers performed some remediation task to get the services back to normal.

It is working now. Thanks.

@aoit ,

We thank you for giving us a response.

Hello RMM sign is not working , unnable to sign in connection error any ideas ? thank you!

Hello @duarte236,

Good day. Our development team is still working on this matter hence some are still experiencing login or sign in issue. We will reach out via support ticket for you to verify some information and to update you as well on the created support ticket. Thank you

Hello RMM working now thank you!

@duarte236 ,

We are glad to know that you are now able to utilize the remote tool :slight_smile:

This is happening to us too. I’ve logged a support ticket

Hello @novatwin ,

We have received your support ticket.
Well further investigate the issue and well send you an update as soon as possible.