Remote Control Unreliable

I have a major issue. I rolled out remote control to all the pcs on the network. However, it is very hit or miss on whether or not I can connect to any servers or workstations. For example, today most of the devices I try to remote control just sit there saying connecting in Orange. Eventually it goes to a disconnected state and then tried reconnecting again. Other times I get an error saying that the device isnt ready. Sometimes, if I restart the ITSMservice, it resolves the issue. However, that doesnt work every time. I’m desparate for a fix as I ditched logmein for Itarian Remote Control. I’m using the latest remote control app on my windows pc that I’m connecting from. I also have the latest communications client installed on all the pcs.

Hello @jmock, thank you for notifying us but please reach out to ITarian Support directly via and they will make sure to resolve your issue as quickly as they can.

Thank you.

I did about 8 hours ago. No response as of yet

@jmock, we have informed our ITarian Team to review the issue and get back to your case as quickly as possible. Follow-up email should be coming from

Thank you for your patience.