Remote desktop connections

Hi, The firewall seems to be blocking all remote desktop connections from the internet. We have an ip filter locked on the rules from our draytek firewall however if CIS is enabled it blocks the connection.
Could someone walk through with me how to unblock this on the CIS application please. As i really do not want to disable the firewall.

Good day @monster-it ,

We want to further check the case and we might request logs to further investigate your reported issue.
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Hi @monster-it pretty good walk through here: and thorough help article here:

Is this for the Comodo remote connection?? I would think that if so, it would automatically be an exception. The reason I ask, is that I keep getting an error that says connection failed unexpected error has occurred.

The Itarian Remote Connection / Comodo Remote Connection (CRC) is by default allowed, but as the firewall is so temperamental it could still be blocking it sometimes.

(I would suggest removing firewall, but I know you said you’d rather not)

First of all going to settings of portal and add the file path to the system variables, once this is done you can edit your profile and say to allow connections to and from this application.

As daft as this might sound, due to the way the firewall integrates with the other parts (which is the issue with the firewall) like AV, Hips etc you also need to do this on those parts too.

Obviously adding this hole means anything using the name or path of CRC will be allowed giving a possible way in. I know you have to sometimes do this for apps to work, but the less holes the better.