Remote Shell not working


Does the Remote Shell tool work for you? I installed the RMM agent on a couple devices and it worked great, but after a day or two it stopped.

When I deploy the Remote Shell tool, the tab shows correctly, but the space that should be occupied by the console is completely empty. Other tools seem to be working ok.

This happened a couple days ago (I think the RMM was updated in the meantime).


Hello tcp,

Could you please send a print screen of what you see at ?

Hi @nick ,

I’m also experiancing the same issue please see attached image

Hello tcp and Marveltec,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

We have escalated this case to our development team.
If this was indeed caused by the latest update changes will be reverted or a fix will be put in place.
As soon as that happens we will let you know.

Yup, Marveltec beat me to it, but that is exactly what is happening in my case.