Remote Tools - File Explorer issue uploading shortcut .ink file

I can upload the successfully to the remote PC. But after it is uploaded. I see the file extension changed to: File.lnk.hS3284
If I refresh the page, the file disappears.

If I click the file before refreshing; I would get this error message:
(I removed the real username, changed to a sample username)

{“error”:“could not send upload push: token: ‘4deb358811c7bf322d4b73ad8226f086657afe76’, file: ‘C:\Users\sample.user\Desktop\Files.lnk.hS3284’, details 2\u0026token=4deb358811c7bf322d4b73ad8226f086657afe76 request to fails with status code 400 that contains in response: Error opening file ‘C:\Users\sample.user\\Desktop\Files.lnk.hS3284’ for reading: No such file or directory (5), {“code”:5,“error”:“Error opening file ‘C:\\Users\\sample.user\\Desktop\\Files.lnk.hS3284’ for reading: No such file or directory (5)”,“type”:1007}”}

Hello @hyip2018 ,

Thank you for your message.

The file ‘File.lnk.hS3284’ is the temporary file that windows generates automatically and deletes once the upload is completed.

Eventhough this is the native experience, we’re actively working on this to provide you a better user experience.

We’ve been aware of this improvement opportunity, and your message gives us great feedback on the user experience and prove that our efforts are valid. Thank you!

Best Regards,

Product Manager

@hyip2018 ,

We apologize to hear about this issue. We have created a support ticket in regards to your report to further assist you. Please check your forum registered email at your convenience