Remote Tools - Hide User Notification

We would like an option to turn off the end user notification that the Remote Tools are being utilized. It sort of defeats the purpose not to disturb the end user while performing some tasks. This would be similar to the option not to ask the end user for permission to start an unattended Remote Control session that is currently in place.

This ‘turn off end user notification’ function is already available. The settings for it can be found in the profile associated to the endpoint you plan to remotely connect to. Feel free to review the following guides on how to achieve this:

How to set Remote control options under profile

How to notify endpoints that you have established a Remote Control session
(Make sure to uncheck the setting of what is indicated in the guide above.)

I am referring to Remote Tools, not Remote Control. It works fine for Remote Control but Remote Tools still shows a notification.


We thank you for giving more details in your request. We have forwarded your Feature Functionality request to our Product Developers. We’ll keep you notified about its development.


Any further updates on this please ?

@originalscan, we also looped you in to the corresponding feature request ticket so that we can update you of any important updates from the product development team.

Thank you.

Hi Guys,

This is something I raised with the team as well directly and I believe it is coming in the next or one after update.

This is a killing thing for MSPs as we want to help with nag boxes etc.

@StrobeTech @dhaysley @originalscan It is indeed included in the upcoming update this Jan 19th :slight_smile:

Disregard below, I found that I had to add the “Remote Tools” section to my existing profiles. Thanks for all the hard work!

I didn’t find this this in the January update… was really hoping to be able to use this tool as passive means of reviewing workstations without needing full on “Remote Control” connection.

As of Jan 19th update, I still have not found a way to disable this notification in profiles > Remote Control, or otherwise.


We thank you for your response :slight_smile: We appreciate your support for the Comodo community!

Anyway you can flag forum threads as resolved or something, so we can tell which ones are still current?

Hello @amcssit ,

We`ll get in touch with the proper department and forward your idea to easily identify what forum thread is fully resolved.
In the meantime, rest assured that once we have a resolution we will post it on respective forum threads.

Thank you for your patience and understanding on this matter.