Remove a patch?

Is there a way I can remove a patch from a machine? For example, if there is a new update that comes out which conflicts with my apps, I think I should have the ability to exclude patches based on the profile I’m using or remove patches from one/selection of system(s).

Maybe this could be a feature request?

Hello @maximillianx
As of now, uninstalling patches from an endpoint is not an available option in the Patch Management module. Need not worry though as this is already included in the product roadmap but has yet to be implemented. The product team balances many requests and, at times, trade-offs need to be made. We have submitted a request to the product team for an updated timeframe of its implementation.

For excluding patches, this option is available in PM and is done by hiding the selected patch(es).

Perhaps a script can be written?

Hi @dittoit
A script workaround is a good suggestion. The downside (if you could call it that) would be that the ‘uninstall’ option can only be accessed through the Procedures section or through the Device Management section.

Simple enough to change the KB details though.

should just be something like …

c:\wusa /uninstall /kb:12345678 /quiet