Removing AV

I’m working on getting all my clients hooked up to the paid version of AEP, but I have a couple on what I think is the free version. Is there a script that will remove it silently or do I have to go to the computer and uninstall it manually on the end user end?

Nothing is uninstalled I believe you just add the licenses to the client.

Just need to assign the licenses to the client inside the license manager of Endpoint Manager, once you have done this it goes from free to paid.

The main difference is that Valkaire should work.

Only other question is… Do you mean free version downloaded via the main Comodo website that was not deployed via Itarian?


When I first started testing the Antivirus, I just took a few computers in my office and double clicked on the Shield in the device list. Doing this said that it would install the AV on the selected computer. I did nothing in license manager. I’ll show you on Friday what I did.

No problem, sounds like you installed all correctly though. Just remember there is difference between licensed and the trial on the software side, just that one is officially licensed and the other is a trial.

Later down the line this might change, and this way of licensing has caused confusion in the past before license manager to as released but is also excellent for allowing flexibility to expand your protection now and do the paperwork away from site.