Removing Endpoints from Itarian


We’re in the process of preparing for the removal of a large number of endpoints from the Itarian platform.

All of these still have active paid CCS licences.

Has anyone removed the EM client but left the CCS active on the machine? How will this impact the profile associated with the endpoint? What changes need to be made prior to removal so as to leave the CCS locally manageable??

Any info would be helpful.

Hi @Ed_Johnson

Please do not remove the Endpoint Manager client from your machines. I say this as it is used to license your CCS and control it.

Under the new settings for ITarian, the profiles will allow you to have an ITarian Basic license and a CCS license (free + existing paid) to give you the following access:-

  • portal
  • service desk
  • Endpoint Manage (Remote Control & AV only)

Doing this means you will be charged more and still have everything you need.

I hope this explains.


Hi Robin…

I’ve been experimenting inhouse and found that removing the endpoint from the platform but leaving EM & CCS on the endpoint renders the EM in error by signing you out. Then prompts every 20 seconds or so to sign in.

Removing the EM locally from the endpoint prior to removal from the platform works but it not feasible for 100s of endpoints. Removal of EM via the portal is not an option as it puts CCS in error state

We’ve already begun the the process of adding our Syncro agent to all our Itarian machines. Will take weeks !!

I am unwilling to pay for a platform that we primarily use to manage the CCS that we already paid for and although you have contact with Comodo/Itarian, as yet they’ve not even responded to concerns.

I want to see a working proof of concept for controlling the many valid CCS licences we purchased in good faith now… not near the date of new charges but now…

We will continue the migration to our other (much cheaper and better) platform until the time we see a working alternative offered from Comodo/Itarian.

As things stand we will not be renewing any of our CCS licences, but we expect them to function until the end of their period.

With 1000+ endpoints and an impending charge of over 1000 pounds per month I’d suggest you do the same.

Best Regards. .


Hi @Ed_Johnson

Im speaking to you from ITarian as the product manager.

The system will allow you as I have described above to manage your CCS / XCS licenses with no additional cost to you.

On top of having this you will also get an ITarian Basic licence doe free which allows you to use the installed agent for Remote control as well as service desk (I presume your using Synchro for this though).

Comodo have not come back to you, but ITarian has.

In regards to my own company we are assessing the situation at the moment as this is a huge jump for sure.

The jump in cost is not as hight due to you having 1000 endpoints, if your an enterprise this is listed as $0.95 making that $950 per month. MSP pricing is different and not listed publicly for some reason so I cannot post that here. (there is a product differential hence price difference)


Thanks for the reply Robin… but we’re still no closer to knowing what to do to mitigate the impending charges and switch to this Itarian Basic Licence. We have approx.100 CCS licences due for renewal within the next 60 days. There is no way I will be renewing any licences until it is perfectly clear how these will be managed.

Hi @Ed_Johnson

I cannot give you actual screens and videos yet showing you how this works as the code is still being developed and tested over and over meaning the staging environment we have at the moment is not much use.

I can share with you the mock ups for this and how this will be done.
Below is a screenshot of the new profile layout.

You will see that the “Add Profile Section” button has been removed, and it has been replaced with a tab showing the license types. These tabs not only give you the license name; but also tell you if this is a paid feature set or not.

To make an “ITarian Basic” only profile you simply edit your profile and click on the paid sections and remove each section .

I know the screenshot might not be perfect, but hopefully that and the explanation will help a lot.

Another thing we are adding is a section on the profile list to tell you what features are active in the profile so you do not have to manually hunt for chargeable profiles.

The last thing we are bringing as well is a new widget for your dashboard to make it easier to see what licenses you have.

I hope this information helps?

Please bare in mind that these are images from design only, the finished article might be slightly different but will work in the same way.


Thanks for the update Robin. Hopefully this is implemented in good time before new pricing is due to begin as personally we’re only interested in administering our CCS (Itarian is still in my opinion shooting themselves in the foot re pricing)

Their new price point is utterly illogical.

Anyone here for the sub 50 Endpoint freeby will simply move to one of the other free alternatives.
and Anyone with over 100 endpoints would be crazy to stay as there are many better cheaper alternatives for 100+ endpoints.
So Itarian will be left with the 0-100 endpoint users… not a great proposition for an independent company Comodo seem intent on creating.

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I’m glad to see the information above does seem to be of help.
The new billing is based of the screens and system shown above, so if we do not get the system done then the billing will not happen.