Removing password Policy for IOS?

Hello, while it see the option to edit the password options of the ISO Policy, I’m wondering if the password option can be disabled entirely and if so, how?

Hello @ktaylor ,

To remove the Passcode on an iOS device, you will have to reset the screen passcode from the Devices menu (Devices > Devices > select the iOS device(s) > Reset screen Passcode).

Hello Nick, I was asking more spefically about how to remove that as a requirement in the “Profile” within the CDM. Surely the users can turn off the passcode entirely, but then CDM reminds them each time they open their device they have to set one up. I would like the IOS Profile to allow for NO PW option.

I hope I’m explaining it correctly.

Hello @ktaylor,

You can remove the Passcode from the Associated Profile.
Select the profile that is associated with your devices, click on Passcode tab and you have the option to Delete it, beside Edit.
If you do that, the users should not be prompted to set a passcode anymore.

haha, wow. How is something that obvious, not so obvious! Thank you. That worked for me.