rename computer

I have found two scripts that rename computers but neither seem to work for domain computers.
Can i have a script that renames computers on a domain working on windows 7 and above. (or one per OS if needed)

@Tetrash ,

We have reported the results of your tests to our Script Developers. We’ll provide you an output of their feedback as soon as possible.

Hi @Tetrash

We will analyze your request and update you once it has been completed.

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Hello @Tetrash

Kindly please refer the following script link for your request :

For Windows 7 machines only please run the below json script file before running above script.

Because Windows 7 machines need PowerShell version higher than version 1 and it needs .net framework version as 4.5 .

Here is the link, how to import json files:

Leave us your feedback.

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20180917-PS_UPDT.json (7.54 KB)