Reporting to a Customer the Value and benefits of Itarian / Comodo RMM and AV

I would like have a customer report that will summarize the activity the RMM performed for that customer;

Number of Patches applied to the customers system or broken down by systems
Number of AV scans done per system and summarize number of files scans and any actions the AV took

This would be an report that could / would be emailed to the customer every month
to show the value and benefits of the RMM and AV that was sold to the client


@sysut1 ,

We thank you for making these requests visible in our forum community to be heard. We will add your requests to the other MSPs who wanted to achieve a similar goal. Hopefully, we can make this happen in our short term roadmap timeline.

@Jimmy In our opinion this should be a basic GottaHave report so we can show our clients how valuable an MSP’s services are using Itarian RMM!

Hello @sysut1 ,

We have created a support ticket for this by sending you an email. This will be our reference to send you updates regarding the features we have forwarded to our development team. We truly appreciate you support by bringing this to our attention.

Thank you and have a good one!

we have an active project to create 10s of different reports all showing how valuable the services you offer. Its in development and product management team will tell us when the first version will be ready. Our goal is to provide you literally every report possible. You guys do so much work for your clients majority of it goes unnoticed! Itarians are the un-sung heroes of the IT world…but no more…we will shed light to this amazing work by creating amazing report! its all coming!

Unfortunately, without good reporting on the platform, it makes it very hard to prove to clients what work we conduct behind the scenes to justify our annual maintenance charges.

I wholeheartedly agree with @nct regarding the crucial need for GOOD and ACCURATE reporting. I would also ask, please do not limit us to creating individual reports (as it is now). I would like to have the ability to select “categories” or “report types” to be part of a monthly report. For example, RMM, Antivirus, Service Tickets all in a single monthly report.