Repository/Distribution server

I am sure this has been asked and answered before. Is there a way to use a local update repository/distribution server with patch management so that individual computers do not have to download the same updates from the internet and consuming unneccessary bandwidth?

Hello @taha ,

Yes you are correct. It is already part of our roadmap wherein ITSM PM will have the ability to download a patch and distribute it to client computers. This feature is expected to be delivered by the end of this year, 2018.
Please tell us if you want to be part of the loop so you`ll receive an email for any important update.


That would be wonderful. Thanks for the feedback.

Sounds like good progress is being made, keep us informed!

This is excellent to know the system already has this ability and does it for 3rd Party programs.

I understand this is a new post, but was this feature implemented.


@rudym12 pretty sure it hasn’t just for Comodo updates.
@ilgazy ?

Hello @rudym12 , @nct,
Unfortunately this feature isn’t implemented yet. ITarian OS Patch Management works with Windows Update, therefore it is currently a long term item for OS patches.

For 3rd party application installation and patching, local distribution will be implemented in close mid-term (between 6-12 months),

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