Request: Backup Notify Windows Server Backup

Hi Guys,

it would be great to be informed when a backup was successfull:

The script must send a notification when the following windows event was written:

Log: Microsoft-Windows-Backup/Operational
Source: Backup
Event-ID: 4

Is there a way to get this.
Thanks in Advanced


Hi Mike (@belusami),

Thanks for the request,

We will inform you once we complete the procedure.

Hi @belusami
We have created a script that will generate an alert if the backup completed successfully in the past 24 hours.Please refer the below link

And also we would like to suggest you an another script, it will monitor the backup events and generates an alert if the back up completed successfully as well if the back up failed.
Please refer the link

The above-provided scripts are custom monitoring scripts. So for more information on how to run a script as custom monitoring please refer