Request - Capability to assign Shield networks to subgroups on customers

I would very much like to arrange my Devices by organization, then by location - it allows for far less maintenance when it comes to policies and executing procedures, but the issue I have is that each of the locations underneath the main group (my customer) have different external IP addresses. However, I can only assign networks to the customer level, not the subgroup level.

This makes configuring a centralized filtering policy a nightmare.

I think it would be very beneficial to grant the capability to assign networks in this way, instead of a single Dome network configured for a customer which may have multiple sites.

I hope that makes sense.

Hi @maximillianx,

Thank you very much for providing us your suggestion for a “Capability to assign Shield networks to subgroups on customers”. Your input is important to us as it will help to improve the usefulness of C1 for the entire users’ community. We have submitted your request to our product team where they will review it and determine where it will fit best on the product road-map. You can expect to hear back in less than 10 business days with a time-frame for the planned implementation.


Thanks for the response! Right now, I’ve got all my sites as different customers, and as we grow, this is going to get really messy! This would be a fantastic feature to add in my opinion.

hi maximillianx,

Product team here. We’ve investigated your feature request.

Your opinion is very important for us and we will get this included in our shortest possible release date.

Hi bulut - any updates on this? I’d love to clean up my customer listing!

Hi maximillianx,

Our upcoming release will be delivering new objects that could be used in policies also new capabilities for creating user and internal ip based rules. We will be providing “Sites” which can be linked to customers alongside with multiple internal and external IP addresses, agents, and subnets(and more :slight_smile: ). I believe this will be solving your issue and provide many new capabilities.

I will be announcing it via the forums and contact you personally.

Thank you bulut! This is great news!