REQUEST: Download and install EDR Endpoint

I tried to modify these 2 scripts to do it for me ( and to download the EDREndpoint.msi from my Dropbox (note that to get it to download automatically from the shared link change the end 0 to a 1) and then run the command with the modification to run the downloaded .reg file with regedit.exe /s filename.reg.

Keeps getting error and generally making me sad. I’ve not be successful at kludging this together. Can I get an assist on such a script. I’m sure that the problem I’m having is that I tried to introduce the URL for the Dropbox shared reg file. I just can’t seem to make it work.

Hi @zabolyx

It’s possible to make you clear out this.
We will check and get in touch with you shortly with positive result.

Thank you.

HI @zabolyx

Refer the below link, script helps to download and install EDREndpoint from Google Drive

Thank You

Like always, amazing job.