Request for commercial proposal

I sent this same request at, 10/16/2019. So far I have not received an answer.

Sou MSP pequeno, tenho em torno de 70 EndPoints/01 técnico(EU MESMO), Já sou usuário da solução MSP/DRAGON PLATFORM, preciso de uma cotação com valores e formas de pagamento no BRASIL.

Não pretendo mudar de solução, desde que forneça um custo razoável/viável para o meu negocio.

Certo da sua compreensão, ,

I am small MSP, I have around 70 EndPoints / 01 technician (myself), I am already a user of MSP / DRAGON PLATFORM solution, I need a quote with values and payment methods in BRAZIL.

I do not intend to change solution as long as it provides a reasonable / affordable cost for my business.

Sure of your understanding,

Sure of your attention,

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@hardwork ,

We are saddened to hear that your request hadn’t been handled yet. We have urgently communicated with our Itarian team to get in touch with you the soonest time possible. If you can send me a private message with your digits then we can reach you via phone as quickly as possible.

I prefer contacts by email / direct message, I don’t have fluent english for conversation, I use google translate to help me.

@hardwork ,

Certainly. We will reach you via email then. :slight_smile:

Hi my name is Shawn. If no one is currently working with you please PM me.

Thank you!

Opa também sou do Brasil e utilizo a plataforma , tive a mesma dificuldade mas consegui resposta , me adiciona no skype ( para gente trocar uma idéia e experiência da solução.

I used google Translate to understand what you are saying.

Please Private Message to further discuss the issue.

PM me you contact details and I’ll get in touch to help.
We often find the “success” team are not great at success, and this is where good distributors like us get involved.