Request - Intel-SA-00086 Detection Tool

Can you write a script that will download, run, and return the results from the Intel-SA-00086 Detection Tool?

This tool checks for those machines that have critical vulnerabilities in the ME firmware and require patching.



Thanks for contacting us, we are working on it. We will provide the script as soon as possible.


Regarding link you have provided:

We couldn’t install this package, Please provide a valid setup file to install.

Thank you

You should be looking for \SA00086_Windows\DiscoveryTool\intel-sa-0086-console.exe in the Zip file.


Thanks for your info, we know that, but the problem is for some machines only it generates result logs. And that log has a default message as “system may be vulnerable”. As per the instruction details of software, output discovers the hardware and software details of the device and provides indication of risk assessment.So, How could we proceed further for your request with this console ?

Please refer the attached output file we have got, Please let us know if it’s satisfied. Because the output present in file is based on the Intel management engine interface driver present on computer .

SA-00086-DESKTOP-CTBQN8L-2017-11-22-12-30-58.txt (360 Bytes)

How about running the tool then just querying the registry for the value from



A value of 0 = Safe, value of 1 = Vulnerable

Hi @Joners

So kind of you, Thanks for your information’s.

Please refer the following link for your script request and attached json file:


System should have Installed " Intel(R) Management Engine Interface ".

Thank you.

20171124-Intel_report.json (2.18 KB)