Request: Script to re-enable Comodo Firewall (after april problems)

just heard of the issues of the April release, I took the short way: I disabled the CCS Firewall on all SMB endpoints, via
PROFILES - FIREWALL - deselect the “Enable Firewall (recommended)”, SAVE.
In a short time I saw in EM the firewall’s green spot turn grey… Perfect!

Yesterday I completed the distribution of the May release, and so it’s time to back ON…
PROFILES - FIREWALL - select the “Enable Firewall (recommended)”, SAVE.

waited for the night, but today I don’t see the FW icon turn green…

verified via remote control: every PCs has the firewall off.
Tried to change something in the profile, save again and so on, but the FW stays off.

So I’d like to send a script to re-enable the CCS firewall on all the SMB endpoints,
but I find the “disable” script, not the “enable” one:

“Disable the firewall in Comodo Client Security”

and other scripts for Windows firewall, not for the Comodo’s.
Can you please provide this script (if you think it is a good way to reactive the FW) or maybe I missed something?

Thank you very much!

@stefanoradam ,

Are you able to confirm the version Client - Security had been updated on your machines? If so, try to get the firewall tab on your profile setting reinstated (you can delete and re-add the firewall tab on your configured profile) and confirm if the firewall status should change.

Yes, of course the endpoints have the latest version installed,
If I delete the firewall tab I get

Please be aware that deleting «Firewall» will require system restart for the endpoints with this profile. Would you like to continue?

but at the moment I can’t restart over 100 EPs.

Note that If I manually activate the FW on a single machine (password protected CCS) no problem, the FW starts.
Is a script a bad idea?


@stefanoradam ,

Thank you for clarifying. Script Procedures created for CCS cannot bypass the tamper-protection provided by the Client Access Control Setting. You can try to temporarily deactivate (if activated) the override profile configuration under Client Access Control and then re-enable firewall from the profile and have the override profile configuration reactivated again. If this does not yield results, completely turn off the Client Access Control setting and then re-enable the firewall and have it reinforced after the upgrade.

Great idea Jimmy…
In PROFILES - Client Access Control - disabled “Enable local user to override profile configuration”. SAVE
In PROFILES - Firewall - disabled the “Enable Firewall (recommended)”, SAVE, wait 10 seconds (holding breath :rolleyes:)
Then re - enabled the “Enable Firewall (recommended)”, SAVE.
And FW is turning UP and running.
Thank you Jimmy

We did the same (disabled the firewall in the profile). Had loads of support calls from clients querying why their taskbar security icon had a red x :confused:

@stefanoradam your patch management is a little lax :cool:

my FWs are turning UP and no network issues,

@Ed_Johnson Patch installation … :o … ehm you know … I prefer calm planning …

@stefanoradam ,

Thanks for the update :slight_smile: