REQUEST: script to restart all of the Comodo services and programs on a machine

Once in a while we get an issue that has Comodo popping up the main window every few minutes. Rebooting fixes the issue (maybe it’s trying to pop up a message but we have them turned off), but we are looking to for Comodo to “reboot” itself. Restarting the programs and services in the correct order to make it think that the system rebooted. If possible.

User machines we can have reboot, but production servers are a different issue. Nothing annoys a developer more than RDPing into a machine and getting an undying Comodo window. You keep closing it but it just keeps coming back.

Hi @zabolyx

We will analyze the request and let you know once we complete the script.

Hi @zabolyx

Please use below script procedure to restart ITSM client,

Note: If security client requires reboot after fresh install or after binary update it will be not solved just by restarting some processes. Security client requires drivers and hooks to be loaded and configured properly, that can be done on reboot only.