Requests/issues for Advanced Search

  1. Advances search should include a filter for Users. The options show “Customer”, which is the company the user is associated with, not the individual who sent the ticket in. When trying to find a ticket and all we know is the user who sent it in, we should be able to search only for tickets from a specific user. This single option makes a world of difference, especially when combined with the already available options. I mean really we should be able to search tickets by anything that is considered ticket information. Not sure how Users was missed, but this really needs to be an option. Especially since the basic search filters this information no problem.
  2. Keyword should search through all information on the ticket. What is Keyword even looking for? I have tried searching for information I know is in the ticket, but it finds 0 results. It does not search body, subject, department or user. I would think it would do at the bare minimum subject and body. Actually, if I include anything in keyword, I get 0 results. I have to do an advanced search without a keyword and then type the word into the basic search filter the tickets down even more. This works kind of ok, but the basic search does not search within the body of the ticket. So i’m still limited to having to click on each result individually and searching there. The keyword feature doesn’t work for us at all.

Also this:
I know this has been requested before, but the ability to merge tickets is essential to organization and proper reporting. My reports come back with incorrect information because of duplicate tickets. If I could simply merge 2 tickets, I wouldn’t have to do extra work when looking at dashboards or reports. I could trust the information provided as accurate. I also wouldn’t have to dig through multiple tickets in order to get all the information on 1 issue, or have to copy and paste everything myself into the most recent ticket. This should really be prioritized as it would make everyone’s life a little easier.

Hi @Mike_d ,

Thank you for sharing your insights about the Advanced search option.
We’ve created a ticket and forwarded your requests to our developers.
As for the option to merge/unmerge tickets, it’s already under development.
We’ll send you an update for the roadmap plan once available.

There’s another request, how about a public-facing roadmap? If there is one already available, can I have a link to it since I wasn’t able to find one.

There’s already an existing voting page for feature requests where our developers can provide a roadmap plan for incoming features.
Here’s the link for Comodo Accounts:

Here’s the link for ITarian accounts:

Thank you.

Hi @Vincent_C is there actually any point in using the vote page, everything listed seems very out-of-date to me.Please also keep me updated on the search and merge requests.

@nct ,

We’ll make sure to add you on those requests.