Respond to ticket by email

Hi, we’re testing the C1 system, and I would like to know if it is possible to respond to a ticket via a reply to the email.

So instead of logging in to the C1 UI and respond via the system, use the email.



@solydee ,

As of the moment, this is not possible. The email will not generate any record or data (time stamp etc) on Service Desk Portal if you reply outside Service Desk.

The idea is nice, but it will not count time, allow service type and more.

You would be better off downloading the C1 app for iOS or Android.


We don’t really need to count time or anything, so it would be a lot easier to be able to reply by email.

I’ll guess we will try to find anyother way then.

Thanx for the reply!

counting time is a must in my books.
Not only does it allow me to monitor how well I’m doing on jobs, but also what my staff are up to!

The reports can then be used to see if you are quoting correctly on jobs and more.

Great management information.