Restart Control Pop-up Message add a confirm tick box

On the Restart Control pop-up we have had clients who “claim” that when typing and the pop-up appears they haven’t noticed the pop-up and restarted their machine and lost the files they were working on!!

Anyway a tick box to confirm is a good idea.

That is what we have set - however we need a confirm tick box as typists as stating that the pop-up comes up and they don’t see it - windows changes focus to the pop-up and then somehow “reboot now” is initiated.

A tick box confirm would stop this.

Also the dropdown list if it could have restart @ time i.e. 17:30 or 18:00 as the client leaves the office.

Hello @stevens_pete ,

Thanks for clarification, support team will get in touch with you via email.
Please feel free to reply at your convenience.


From one of our support staff:

I can confirm you can reboot your computer inadvertently whilst typing an email if the comodo/itarian prompt pops up… I can tell you because it happened to me earlier!

Hello @stevens_pete ,

Thank you for posting here again, we just want to verify some information and we already send you an email regarding this
Please do reply at your most convenient time.


Another Issue we have just found with the restart policy!! (First Patch Tuesday we have had)

We have a nightly schedule set for 03:00 hours and the schedule now states 03:00 PM - had to change to 03:00 AM - not good to restart machines at 3pm!!

However a bigger concern was machines that were not logged in seemed to restart anyway regardless to the setting in the “Restart Control” to “Warn about the reboot and let users postpone it” - we have had a couple of servers reboot and a couple that were logged in have got the “Pop-Up” asking to re-boot now or postpone.

Is this the expected behaviour for this re-boot schedule?

@stevens_pete ,

Regarding the reboot option, The reboot option gives you a selected amount of time to force a restart on an endpoint. Having the “Warn about the reboot and let users postpone it” unchecked gives you an option to go with the force restart after the selected amount of time expires. Checking this option gives the user option to postpone the reboot sent by the admin from the EM Portal. Given the scenario that a user is not logged in it is an expected behavior.