"Restart the Communication Client" - Runs Repeatedly

I’m seeing an issue with the “Restart the Communication Client” procedure where it runs repeatedly, effectively knocking the device’s agent offline as it gets stuck in a loop until you delete the device from Endpoint Manager (ITSM) and manually enroll it again.

The code can be viewed here: Restart the ITSM client communication agent


Thank you for sharing as the output of your test. We have communicated with our Script Developers to analyze the issue. We’ll provide you with their feedback as soon as possible.

Hello @Kristan

Good day to you. Script status on the image you have shared seems failed. Could you please share the error in detail in that? It will be more helpful to analyze it.

Thank you.

Procedure terminated due to Stopping RMMService

However, the procedure restarts itself when the ITSMService restarts, throwing it into a loop.

@Kristan ,

We thank you for providing as an explanation of what occurred on your test. We have created a support ticket to get our Script Developers to assist further in this issue. Please check your forum registered email at your convenience.

@Kristan ,

Our Script Developers have reviewed the script. We will be removing the aforementioned procedure due to the change in the architecture of services. Please use this procedure instead.

20181203-Restart-Comodo-Services.json (4.18 KB)