Restricted MSP Area Question

I am wondering if anyone else has noticed that their replies to the Restricted MSP area are never getting approved?? I replied to a post some time back, last I seen, it was awaiting approval. Then, I looked again, and it did not even say that, it was just gone. This brings me to my next question, why is the replies to the restricted area moderated anyway??? We have to be approved to get into that section, then viable replies are moderated out??? I find this somewhat fishy, anyway, has anyone else found this to happen to your posts???

Hello @BOSS
The only moderation we do is approving the people who can access that specific section of the MSP Area sub-forum. We will have someone check and verify the settings of that section.

Why do I not see this restricted sub-forum?

Hi @ymi
We strongly suggest that you contact your Comodo PSM on how to get validated as an MSP.

Ok, that’s what I would of thought, but it tells me that my posts are awaiting approval, or something along those lines. I have posted stuff that never posted.


We apologize for this experience you are having with your posts> we will check WebOps and get back to you as soon as possible.


Our backend team had tried resolving your issue. Can you please attempt to post and review it your post would still appear as “awaiting approval”

Still says waiting for approval…


We would like to seek a response to confirm that this issue had been addressed. Thank you

It seems to be corrected now.