Restricting access to 'MSP Area'

@melih @Ilker @Ilker_Simsir Please could I suggest this area is restricted to confirmed MSPs and not end users?

Hi nct

It is open to everyone for everyone to share and learn.

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if it was restricted to MSPs we could discuss matters only relevant to us in private. eg contracts, services provided to clients and issues are are experiencing.

I agree.

Or at least have the ability to restrict specific posts or something along those lines. Recent post about MSP pricing is a great example of something that should be restricted to MSPs only.

Exactly, and posts where we are discussing backup services and pricing.

+1 for this. MSP forum should be for MSP’s only. Pretty common concept. It makes me reluctant to share info…


Totally agree, we need to be a little protected when talking and helping each other.

we should create an MSP Corner : that is exclusively for MSPs and only members of that group can access…

While I understand your apprehension I don’t think it matters much. Most clients, at least in the small business market (50 seats and under) don’t even know the acronym “MSP”, much less the names of the MSP platforms. Most could barely name 2 or 3 anti-virus products if asked. A savvy client would call various IT Support Providers/MSPs to collect pricing and understand what they are getting for their monthly payment. Many medium and large enterprise clients have their own IT departments and would know enough to ask what the underlying MSP platform and could easily figure out the cost structure from the Enterprise side of the Comodo services. They would also conduct competitive analysis of MSP services and there is plenty other public information on pricing of MSP services. I believe our time is best spent delivering efficient and effective services to our clients that make our value proposition clear.