Retiring Customers

We have created a customer for each of the sites that we manage. If a site is retired, we would like to move the customer under a customer labelled as ZZZ retired customers. I know that we could create a group under ZZZ called the retiring customer name & move each of the endpoints into that group. Can we move the original group? This would involve less work & more importantly, this would not leave the customer container in the EM device list.

Hello @lindsay,

The mentioned ability is not yet available on the platform. We will have our developer review your suggestion and keep you posted via this forum page and related support ticket. Thank you

Interesting idea, but really you should have one customer with a group for each site underneath meaning you can move devices from group to group and delete the group once retired.

At present you can not have nested groups which I believe has been made as a feature request as that would then allow you to split site down to department or style or device etc