RMM Access

I can not access any of my systems online, only through my trusty old admin console. Nothing under the ITSM section will open, pages are just blank. I rebooted my computer, tried multiple browsers, cleared all my internet cache, still having the issue.

EDIT: And the new CRC is not working for me either.


It’s the same for me, all areas on my portal are accessible except for the ITSM section and no remote connections available.

Called a couple clients and are reporting that the ITSM client on the machines state ’ network error ’ ?

Worst thing is I’m in the middle of a help session !!!

Same thing for me. My best guess is that this is the monthly portal upgrade, usually seen on Saturdays. What is absolutely unacceptable is the lack of advance notification about these presumably planned outages. I looked this morning on the forums, and can’t find any postings. And even if there were postings, we shouldn’t have to go looking for outage schedules, we should receive email notification days in advance. I now need to drive 65 miles to my client to complete urgent work I had planned.

@Ilker Hopefully the problem is known about, any news on a timeline for the service returning on-line?

Thanks in advance.

@BOSS @bob-sawyer @Kees and to everyone:
We have informed the back end team of the current situation as soon as we detected it here in C1 Support. We are now awaiting for updates from them. Rest assured that this concern is marked as a top priority for the team to resolve at the soonest possible time.

Also, the September platform update is not scheduled for today. It will be rolled out in a few weeks time with a preview release a week before the actual live rollout date.

Thanks for the update Rick. I’ll be patient and wait for the back end team to get this fixed.

Since this is an unplanned outage, my comments earlier about prior notification of course don’t apply. But I would really like to see email notification get implemented for planned outages (platform updates etc.). Thanks.

Is there an update to this outage? I’m trying to register a couple of new devices and I’m seeing that the activation is not working. I can only assume it is related.

Best regards!

Hi @thartpence ,

Our developers are making some progress with this matter and we are closely monitoring the updates. But thanks for reporting, we will take note of it. We will keep you in the loop of our affected clients and we will send you an email where we can inform you and a ticket number as reference. Thank you.