RMM Administration Console conecting problem

Hello everyone , today i had an update from microsoft on my windows 10 machine , after my pc reboot to install the updates im not able to log in to my RMM Administration Console i get an error message , that i ´m leaving here ( screenshot) for you to see, i apreceate if someone knows how to fix this!, thank you all!

Haven’t seen this error but it may have to do with the general outage.

Hi @duarte236
Due to an issue with the C1 portal earlier, I wasn’t able to test the RMM properly. Somehow, I ended up reinstalling the RMM module. Tested it and I was able to log in. Can you please try to reinstall RMM and check if it will do the trick for you.

Hello Sir Rick thank you for you kind info i had done what you have told me unistall ,reinstall RMM before i posted this matter here , and it didnt work but now its working again , it might have been
an issue with the C1 portal , thank you for your thoughts a good day to you!