RMM Administration Console doesn't show all devices

I am a new user. I manually downloaded the Bulk Installation Package on a few client and my own machines. The web page shows all devices. RMM Administration Console 6.1.389176.363 shows all customers, but only shows the first two devices that installed the agent.

Hello @AEScandora2 ,

The Bulk Installation Package contains only the Comodo One Client Communication agent. That would be the reason why you see your devices only in ITSM.
To enroll them in RMM, you need to install the RMM Agent on them.
This can be done by selecting the devices in ITSM and using the Install MSI/Pacakes option. From there select Install RMM Agent.

Once this task completes, you will see your devices showing up in RMM as well.
Installation status can be viewed for each device from ITSM, under Devices > Device > MSI Installation State.

That took care of that. Thanks!

Another perhaps new user issue: When I tell RMM Administrative Console to close, its window closes, but if I try to restart it, I get a pop-up “Another instance of RMM Administration Console is already running.” Task Manager under Background processes shows seven Remote Management and Monitoring Component and two more (32 bit). One has the RMM logo icon and the others the generic icon. If I kill the one with the RMM icon, I can re-launch it, and Task Manager shows it with the generic icon under Apps. Close it and it moves to Background processes with the RMM icon.

Reboot and before launching anything, Task Manager under Background processes shows six Remote Management and Monitoring Component and two more (32 bit). A client’s server with a newly-installed RMM client shows three Remote Monitoring and Management and one (32 bit). What are all those processes?

Hello @AEScandora2 ,

This happens because it takes a bit until the RMM Console closes all the connections towards and from the RMM Cloud Server. If you kill all those processes related to RMM, wait a bit then re-run the RMM Console then close it again and wait a couple of seconds then try to re-open it again, it won’t tell you that there’s another instance open because you’ve let the first one close properly.
In other words, please allow more time for the initial RMM Console process to close before trying to open up a new one (about 30 seconds or so) and this shouldn’t happen anymore.

I hit the close button, went out, and an hour and twenty minutes later it still said Closing while a progress bar rotated. I’ve also seen the window go away, but Task Manager shows it under Background processes for as long as half an hour before I killed it.

Upon reboot, before launching anything, Process Explorer shows eight Remote Management and Monitoring Component processes:Two unit_manager.exe, three unit.exe, and one each local-web-server.exe, launcher_service_ex.exe, and launcher_service.exe. Launch RMM and a fourth unit.exe shows up. What do those do?

Sometimes when closing RMM one of the four unit.exe processes exits, and sometimes all four are still there, which prevents another RMM from restarting. From Process Explorer they all show the default icon, so I don’t know which to kill. From Task Manager, I can kill the one with the RMM icon and then I can restart RMM.

I have seen this on two PCs, both members of my domain.


Hello @AEScandora2 ,

It seems there is an issue in your case. We will contact you by email to investigate this issue further.